Saturday, February 6, 2010


It's been a long long time since i posted something. 2010 has been really tiring. It's PMR year. Haha! Study, study, study. Yay! CF camp is coming. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Hair Cut!

Really MESSY & YUCKs!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coolest Spotcheck Ever!

Today's the last day 4 me! Yay! Went back 2 school for a few days to do playcards for next year's afternoon session students. Not all of us went back cause some went overseas, no transport, got something on and some were LAZY! Lol! We had lots of fun. On Monday, seniors trained juniors for spotcheck. It was so cool! First class we did spotcheck couldn't find much but after we went to the next class, we found more than 10 handphones and cameras. I don't know what u call the professional's camera, but we found 1 that cost more than 8,000 bucks! Can you believe that? Those barang rampasan were not returned at all! So sad.

So the next day, we did play cards and played hangman. I got one whole word correct without guessing. The clue was a place in Malaysia. The word was SMKDJ! Haha! The best part of all was when Puan Wong gave me a cute fish necklace. Awww............

Today I finally know my class. So sad. I drop class. Nevermind!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Haha I know it's a late post but nevermind. Finally exams are over. Stress gone! Yay! School teachers came out with DJ's got talent to keep us occupied. I didn't know about it until a few of my friends wanted to create a team to join the competition. I agreed to join. It was so last minute. the audition was suppose to be on Mon(9/11) and we went to Chia Min's house to practice on Sunday. We wasted 2 hours doing nothing and in the end we became panic and started to have intensive practice. Chia Min and Atikah sang, Yi Ling and I played the piano and Sher wu became the pianist. We have lots of fun. The singers voice were really fantastic.

The day came for our audition. Came to school at 7 cause didn't have transport and waited until the rest of the members came. Had to sing part of the song on that day because some problems arised. Was so nervous cause I didn't know at all how to sing the song, Melodi. Just before the audition, I totally forgot the tune of the whole song. The rest of the team members had to teach me how to sing it all over again until it got into my brains. lol! We were 1 of the last to perform. When I sang to the mic, my voice was so out and some of the parts I couldn't even hear myself. I was so scared I made the team look bad. Miss Ely gave comments and it came to our turn. She called out 'Satu Malaysia'! We all raised up our hands. Looking at her expression it made it look as if we did badly and all of a sudden she said " You guys kneeled it!". I was relieved when I heard it.

We made our way to the finals after another audition. This time Atikah manage to make it for the finals. We came early to practice and one of the morning session teachers saw us practicing. She asked us to perform 4 the spell it right competition. We were so happy but the plan didn't work out. We dressed up all ready for the competition by 12 even though it was suppose to start at 3. I 4got to bring shoes so I borrowed Chia Min's high heels. It was hard using it to walk. It was really thin and 2 inches high. While waiting for our turn to perform we practiced really hard outside the hall. The hall was filled with all the afternoon session students. That made us more panic. We were number 16 to perform. We did the best we could!

Unfortunately we didn't win. But I think we did a good job. Thanks alot to the frinds who have supported us. To the P's, You all are fantastic people and thanks for all the effort u guys put in to make this team successful. To 1 of our team members, I hope you will get well soon and stay strong! We all miss you.

I'm really greatful for joining this team cause I've learned alot especially from the singing experts. Gonna miss all the fun we had!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Prefects Hi-Tea

It was great! had lots of fun n performances. Everything went well except for some parts. All of a sudden Yi Ling n I had to perform before jamuan time cause food wasn't done. I did most of the performance until didn't really get to eat. Really had a great time there!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Dream Come True

Yay! I manage to learn up some guitar chords. So happy! At last. Have been asking mummy to let me learn but she always say no time,expensive, finish your piano and violin first. In the end I decided to learn it on my own. Muahahaha. I used daddy's old book. Heard from mummy that daddy use to learn it by himself too. But...he only thought Elaine. Unfair! ohoh I'm getting abit childish.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Exams again!!

Wow! Exams are in a weeks time. I'm not ready. So stressed! Get so distracted at times that whatever i study gets lost from my mind in just a few seconds. Oh no! what should i do? Hope will get to a good class next year! They're really gonna stream us this year. Scary!